Friday, April 15, 2011

Colt is 3 months old! (4.14.2011)

Weight: a hefty 18 lbs!
Height:26 inches
Sleep: He usually wakes up about 2x a night now to nurse (just depending). Typically falls asleep around 10pm and is up ready to go by 7am. He's been dealing with a cough the last couple of 3 weeks, and that sometimes wakes him up too.
Eating: Still eating every couple of hours during the day and a couple of times during the night.

The weather has finally been warming up, so we're able to spend more time outside now. Colt enjoys takeing walks in his stroller and sitting in his bouncy outside on the sidewalk. He's beginning to engage more with us now too. If we smile at him he always smiles back and bats his long eyelashes and his baby blues just sparkle. I love it!! Unfortunately, he's been sick off and on the past month. We had to give him breathing treatments fairly consistently for about 2 weeks, but those have tapered off now. He mainly has a few coughing spells at night, but again it has gotten a lot better. The doctor determined it was from those oh so lovely allergies! My poor baby! But he's a trooper, he rarely cries, only if he's uncomfortable or hungry. Fix it, and he's a happy baby.
He's already traveled to Louisiana and Mississippi in the past month. Louisiana to see Gigi and Papaw, and Mississippi for a wedding. Colt has been such a blessing to us, so thankful that God gave him to us.

My chunky monkey

My two handsome boys. Adam and I are so blessed!

enjoying some playtime in his baby bed

Enjoying a stroll at the park with Bruh Bruh (that's what Dallas wants Colt to call him)

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