Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finally a Post!

Yes I'm alive! I'm sure I've lost many readers! I'm so sorry! I actually blame my lack of blogging on Facebook! I tend to post most of my updates and thoughts on there, and really haven't taken the time to even log onto my blog.
Well...lots to update:

Last post was July 31st.
-Dallas is growing like a weed. He's in Pre-K 4 this year. We decided to wait a year to start kindergarten. I think it's been a really good choice. He's doing so great...even spelling some new words.
-We had a our 7 year anniversary on Aug 31st. We celebrated by going to Las Vegas for 3 days. Had a really great time, but boy! It was H-O-T!!!! Spent the first day at Hoover Dam, and then went to various casinos and hotels to see the sights. You could actually spend days and days in Vegas and never gamble, because there is SO much to do! We went to Cesears Place and the shops there, rode on a gondola at the Venitian, ate an amazing breakfast at the Bellagio and watched the fountains that night (quite spectacular), and ate like a queen everywhere we went.
-I've become a distributor for Advocare. I'm wanting to use any extra money I make to help pay off debt (meaning school loans!). Both Adam and I love the products and really feel like it was from the Lord to start this business for that purpose. I think it's a tool He's put into our hands. I'm so thankful! Check out my website: ask me how to get started, I'd love to share the products with you!!!!!
-I'm going to start helping out at church playing the piano with the praise and worship team. Not really a permanent fixture, per say, just to help fill in when help is needed. I'm excited about it, excited to start playing again.
-We recently went out to Adam's parents house in LA, just for the night, and had a great visit. We spent Halloween night there, and visited. No trick-or-treaters at his Mema's house so we got all the candy, Dallas loved it!
-Saturday will be 1 year since I learned my mother passed away. This has been quite a year. I can think about my mother now and smile, remembering all the good times we had. I have been a bit teary-eyed though the past week, just thinking about her. She will be remembered, our family has been so supportive of one another through this. I wouldn't have made it without all of them! a nutshell that has been our past 3 months.
Gearing up and getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas...can't wait!

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