Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dallas' First Day of Kindergarten - ETCA - 8.18.2010

I can't express how proud I am of Dallas and how well he did today. I was curious how the morning would go, but when I went to his room to wake him up he raised right up and said, "I want some cornflakes!" He ate a good breakfast and got dressed with ease. (I hope every morning is this easy!) We took some pictures and then headed off to school. He's been at ETCA for 3 years now, and we're so happy he's able to start kindergarten there. His school is like a big family. With the exception of a few students, I know all the kids in his class and their parents. It's such a blessing to have him in such a loving and nurturing environment. We are so blessed! A couple of years ago, his school bought some land and this year his campus finally got to move to the new location. Although everyone is really busy getting their classroom ready and the office's in order, I think this has been a good change overall. His classroom is bright and exactly what you think a kindergarten class should look like. His teacher, Ms. Tesseyman, is friendly and I think Dallas will do great in her class. Every year I'm going to take a picture of Dallas on his first day of each grade. This morning we walked him to his classroom and he walked right in like he'd known the place for forever. I'm so excited for him and can't wait to see all he learns this year!


The Brewers said...

You almost went a full year without posting!!!! LOL, just messing with you, glad you came back with this post. He looks so big, I can't get over it! We miss you guys, I hope we can get together soon!

Vickie Smith said...

Love his first day of school photos! He looks so grown up! I love the idea of a 1st day of school picture each year. I keep Streit's in an album all their own and put her 1st day photo on the right page and on the left I write the answer to the same question each year: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I've done it every year since she started in Bev Anne's class and it's already fun to look back.

The Wood Family said...

Jennie - I know it! I'm gonna try to do better! I was in a posting slump, I was trying to think too hard about it.
Vickie - Wow!! I love that idea, gonna start!