Monday, February 14, 2011

1 Month Old

Wow!! Today our little Coltie Pie is 1 month old! He's been such a fun baby to have, and we are so blessed. Each month until he turns 1 year I'm going to take a picture of him in this little rocking chair. This was mine when I was little, so it carries a sentimintal meaning to me. I tried taking them of Dallas in it, but never stayed very consistent. Speaking of my sweet Dallas Grant, things have gotten a lot better around here. He's enjoying his little brother a lot and hugs and kisses him whenever he gets the chance!
I'm not sure of how much he weighs currently, but guessing Colt is around 11 lbs. He has already grown out of newborns clothes and diapers 2 weeks ago, and well into 0-3 months. I know he's only a month old, but I've already noticed him coming into his own little personality. It's funny to watch his face change from a smile, to a frown, then back to a smile again. He makes funny faces when he's awake and asleep. He doesn't cry a lot, and when he does it's only for an obvious reason, hunger, cold, uncomfortable where he's sitting etc... I've given him a lot of nicknames here and there, but I think I'm going to call him cuddle bug. He loves for me and his daddy to hold him, and will fall asleep in no time if he's lying on my chest.
I'm enjoying every second with him, and looking forward to seeing what the next month has in store for him!

Colt - 1 Month Old (2.14.2011)

Colt and Big Brother Dallas

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